7 Ways to Save Electricity in Your House

Are you getting worried about your increasing electricity bill? You might be eager to know how to save money on electricity, you can do it without losing yield. Here are my eight tips to help you keep the costs down.

1. Run your lights at night not during the day.

Night-time energy tariffs tend to be lower so you pay less per watt. Since fans and other bits of kit work harder during ‘lights on’, a few pence per Watt makes a big difference. As a bonus, it’s also cooler at night so its easier to control your climate.

2. Switch to digital or LED lights.

Led lights are by far the cheapest lights to run. Choose the right LED like Telos and you’ll get awesome results. If you’re not using LED lights, make sure you’ve got a digital ballast. Not a magnetic one. At full power, digital ballasts use 4percent less energy than magnetic ballasts.

3. Always Overspec.

The harder they work, the more energy your devices use. Don’t make your devices struggle at full power. To save energy, buy a higher spec model and run it on a lower setting.

4. Use EC fans.

At full speed, EC fans move more air on less power than AC fans. But the big savings happen when you slow down EC fans. The slower they go the less energy you use. This doesn’t always happen with AC fans. When slowed down with a resistor controller, they use almost the same amount of power. The savings are so huge, that you can save 300 pounds after just one year.

5. Use Controllers.

Don’t let everything run at full power all the time. You use more power than you need to. Use controllers to keep everything in check.

6.identify the appliances in your home

if you’re looking to lower your electricity bills is to identify the appliances in your home that consume the most electricity and then look for ways to cut back on how much you use those. I would alos suggest you to buy eletricity consumption monitor so that you can keep track of the biggest machines that are using most of the home power. This will help yout to limit the appliance usage and you can save some money that way.

7. Consider getting a NightSaver Meter.

A NightSaver Meter will help you keep costs down by offering you a reduced rate for your electricity during nighttime hours. So if you move 25% or more of your consumption to nighttime hours, you’ll be saving money in no time.

8. Keep hot things outside your tent during summer.

This one is self-explanatory. Anything that gets hot forces fans to work harder. Keep ballasts, nutrient chillers, and anything else that emits heat outside your grow room. In winter you can keep them inside your tent to reduce heating costs.

9 Choose the right growing system.

To be honest, growing systems don’t use much power at all. Not enough to justify using one system over the other. But you can save a bit of energy with a passive system like an Autobot. You don’t need any electricity to use them whatsoever. The big benefit of this is that you don’t need a spare socket in your grow room, and there’s no pump to make any noise. That’s how you save energy without losing yield. Even if the equipment costs more to buy, you’ll make it back in running costs.

So this is all for today’s blog, I hope you guys liked it. If you too have any more tips for me and others then please feel free to suggest below:)

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