How To Fix Slow Internet Problem At Home

We all have faced slow internet problem in our day to day life. Slow internet problems are too easy to fix however, most people don’t easily know the issue and its proper solutions. That is why today I want to share three tips to fix your slow internet and get rid of all the headaches. So, the first way is to

1. Change the channel of your router

To do this, on your computer, first, open any internet browser. Type “” into the web address bar and press enter. When prompted, enter “admin”, then “sky”, in lower case, to log in. You will see the wireless settings page. Next to “Channel”, you’ll see a drop-down menu.

Select the available wireless channel you made a note of earlier. Select “apply” to save. After changing your chanenel, check if your wifi is working properly. If you’re still having issues, experiment by selecting a different wireless channel until you find the best option. On our second tip, we have a method to enter a new DNS provider.

2. Try a new DNS Provider

When you enter a website’s URL into your browser it needs to know the IP address to send and receive data the domain name system is for the digital equivalent of a phone book. And when you give a URL it returns an IP address this all happens in the background by your browser. For example, if you enter make use of com the DNS server translates into our IP address as far as over a billion websites currently online, it’s not practical to maintain such a large list. Instead, our DNS server caches these results your DNS server is probably provided by your ISP or internet service provider and sometimes fate can be a bit slow and unreliable. Fortunately, it’s very easy to change toa faster or more efficient DNS server.

To do it in Windows first go to your control panel, go to the network, and internet tab underneath network and sharing center choose to view network status and tasks on the left-hand side choose change adapter settings.

From the list of network adapters right-click on your active connection and go down to properties, You may have to enter your password from the list which appears to choose Internet Protocol version 4 and then press the Properties button on the bottom right of this list at the bottom of this properties panel.

Check the box which says use for following DNS server addresses for the preferred DNS server addresses 8 8 8 8 for the alternative DNS server the addresses 8 8 4 4 press ok and go ahead and close over Windows. Lastly, if your internet is still slow, try to use an Ethernet cable to use the internet on your PC or laptop rather than a wifi connection.

3. Use an Ethernet Cable

This last tip is actually a recommendation to use an Ethernet cable rather than to use the wireless connection. Sometimes, the router connection gets interfered with other signals or router tends to provide weak signals. As a result, you might get slow internet speed on your devices. So, using an Ethernet cable directly links your laptop or PC to access the internet from the router with the absence of wireless signals. It is also said that using an Ethernet to directly link your PC to a router provides faster internet that Wifi connection. If you are using a PC or a laptop and having problems, use this last tip as it might help you do your work faster. Thank you so much for reading this blog till the end and I hope this method helps you to fix your wifi problem.

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