How To Speed Up Your Phone Performance

In order for you to work at your productive best, you need your devices working at their optimal level. And so in today’s blog, I’m gonna show you how to double the speed of your Android phone. This blog is all about three tips to boost your phone performance in terms of gaming or whatever apps you are having trouble running with. Whether it’s an older Android device or even if it’s a brand new phone or a gaming smartphone. today we’re going to boost your phone’s gaming performance by lowering its resolution just like you would on a desktop Now before we begin I’d like to say that what we’re about to do is completely safe as long as you follow the steps exactly as I tell you. This is not limited to a specific phone and works on all phones. Including off brand ones.

1.First enable USB debugging.

Go to settings and open Developer Options. If you don’t have this option in your settings.

Go to About Phone and tap “Build Number” 7times.

Find USB Debugging and enable it.

If we click on Developer Options, we get a slew of really cool tools and additional things that we can do to our phone. We wanna scroll down until we see something that may be labeled Drawing as you see here in my settings. It may be labeled a little bit different on yours, but the key words we’re looking for are anything that saysAnimation in the title. And here I’ve got three grouped together. Window Animation Scale,Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. You can see that they’re all set to 1x. That’s they’re default level,1x as in 100% or one times. Well what we can do is we can go in here and we can actually

2.turn the animations off completely.

This setting helps to go back and forth between my apps much more fastly, it’s instantaneous. Now that’s the fastest that you’re gonna find here when it comes to turning off animation, but that might be a little jarring for some of you. If so go back into Developer settings and set itto .5 In this way, you still have that slight animation effect,but it is so much faster.

Now, while you are still on Developer mode scroll below and find a setting called “Dont keep activities”.

3.Turn on ‘Dont keep Activities’.

Turning on this settings called don’t keep activities will stop all the background apps running so your phone will use the full power to run your current game and also don’t forget to turn this settings off after playing your games otherwise it will block your Facebook and whatsapp notification what could be important for you.

All right then , if you follow all these steps your phone performance will boost than its usual. So don’t forget to try this steps before you play a game on your phone. Thanks for reading out my today’s blog and if you have any questions please comment below. Thank you!

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