IPhone 8 Plus Review (Full Details Personal Experience)

Hey Guys! My Name is Sagar and today i am trying to talk about the iPhone 8 Plus which is one of the best performing phones that I have used in my entire life. So, many people said that this is another 7 Plus. I can assure you that this is not another 7 Plus 7 Plus is a far minor phone as compared to the 8 Plus because it has got some major upgrades to it which would in turn increase the longevity and your overall user experience with the phone Now without further ado, let’s carry on with the review. So, the 1st thing is the Design and the Build Quality. So, I have got the space grey color here and it’s 64 GB variant and it also comes in 256 GB. The biggest design change from the 7 Plus to the 8 Plus has been the glass back which which also enables wireless charging, making it the 1st iPhone to have the wireless charging feature. Apple was pretty late with it but it now has it. The finishing given by Apple with the aluminium frame and the glass back is so good that the experience of holding this phone in the hand is really comfortable.

Speaking of the ports, it has got the lightning port which also enables fast charging, but the fast charger doesn’t come in the box and it doesn’t have a headphone jack but if you still like to use the old school wired headphones then the adapter comes within the box. It comes in at a weight of 202 grams which makes it one of the heaviest iPhones that Apple has ever made and you feel it in the hand, especially if you are coming from more compact phones like the S8 or the S7 Edge or more like that. So, it has got dual stereo speakers and in terms of sound quality you would have no disappointments because it has clear sound and good bass. It has got a Single Nano Sim Slot andTouch ID 2.0. Now, it is IP67 Water and Dust Resistant which has now become a standard. I recommend using a back case and a screen protector with it because the glass of this, although, Apple said that it is one of the most durable glass on a smartphone. But, still it is glass and it tends to break.

So, moving on, the 2nd thing is the Display. So it has got 5.5 inch Full HD LCD Panel which comes in at a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch and has a 16 by 9 Aspect Ratio. Don’t make the LCD thing make you think that the display on this phone is bad. Rather, it has some of the best technologies in the world which many other phones also do not have Although, yes, it is LCD it is not OLED when most of the industry in 2019 has moved to OLED. That is a bit of a downside, I know. Now, it has got 3D Touch and the haptic feedback that you get by just firmly pressing on the screen making the screen pressure sensitive is really more natural and better as compared to the long touch on any Android phones. Rather, tell me in the comments if you prefer the 3D Touch or the Long Press Touch Now, the next thing is the True Tone technology, now this is the 1st iPhone to have the true tone technology. It just adjusts the temperature of your display according to the ambient lighting, so that the experience of you using the display is more natural and soothing to the eye. But, with the true tone, the 3D Touch, and the 60 Hz refresh rate which makes the user experience more smoother and it improves your gaming experience also, makes this phone a really good choice for the display unless you are coming from an OLED display. In terms of design at the front the 8 plus doesn’t have much to offer other then the 7 Plus. But, rather I have found the big bezels better as compared to the infinity display in terms of gaming.

Playing racing games like the Asphalt 9 or the Asphalt 8 because it gives a kind of like, joystick experience to your hands which makes it more natural to play racing games as compared to the OLED displays, in which you can only hold the phone from the edges and play it. So, the 3rd thing is the performance. Speaking of the Apple A11 Bionic it is one of the most powerful chip in the smartphone industry. Although being a 2017 chip it should be slow but till now, in terms of raw power and in terms of performance, it smashes many new Android flagships just out of the market whether it be everyday things, video editing, photo editing or gaming And the Apple A11 GPU which makes the whole experience of your gaming whether you play PUBG, Dead Trigger, Asphalt 9 or any other heavy game, or even a light game. It makes it far better than any android smartphone. Take my word for it, in terms of performance, this phone would not at all disappoint you. Trust me on this, that this phone is still performing as it was on day 1 which I still can’t say about any samsung or android phone that I have used till now. Speaking of everyday tasks, it just breezes through them, because of the 4 low efficiency cores which also in turn improves the battery life on this phone and let me tell you that the battery life of this phone is one of the best battery life in any smartphone in the industry right now. Although, it has the 2691 mAh of battery and the S9 Plus has 3500 mAh of battery, In terms of battery life, this phone has given me far, far better battery life as compared to the S9 Plus. Even on heavy usage through out the day after taking it out of charge at 9 AM in the morning, I get around 15-20% battery left at the end of the day and this chip is made to increase the life of your phone. So, if you are getting this phone, you are pretty insured that you are still getting a phone which will go on and keep performing amazingly for another 2-3 years more.

Now, the 4th thing is the camera. Now, the rear camera on this is defnitely a step up from the 7 Plus. It has got 12 MP + 12 MP dual camera system and with the wide angle lens having optical image stabilisation. The images it takes are very beautiful they are sharp, they are super-crispy. One thing that I like about iPhones in general that the colours that they produce are more natural as compared to the over-saturated colors that the Poco phone or something like those phones produce. The Portrait Mode was one of the selling points of the iPhone 7 Plus and it is much better now in the iPhone 8 Plus and it produces just the desired results, infact better results then the 7 Plus, better exposure, better features whether it’s the details in the shadows or not blowing out the highlights, this phone does it all, it has a very great dynamic range whether it’s nature photos, landscape, cityscape or any kind of photo you want to take you just point your camera and shoot and this phone produces beautiful and amazing results. Front camera, yes it’s a downgrade, it’s the same camera that the 6 Plus and the 7 Plus had. The 7 MP with f/2.2 aperture, it should have been an upgrade. I am disappointed with Apple for that because they haven’t upgraded there front camera in a long time now. The Low Light performance of this phone is really good and when using the flash the things just get more better in low light because the true tone flash makes the image look like more natural. And in terms of video, it’s a big step up. It now does 1080p at 240 FPS and 4K at 60 FPS and the quality of the video is so much better as compared to the 7 Plus And the Samsung phones also have a limit when recording 4K at 60 video or or even a slow-mo video. That is not the case in this you can record 1080p at 240 FPS for any amount of time. Same is the case for 4K at 60, any video you want to shoot. I have absolutely no complaints with it except in the front camera. If you value camera performance in a phone than you wouldn’t be disappointed by picking up the iPhone 8 Plus in terms of rear camera performance but if you want a selfie camera performance then I would definitely not recommend you going with this phone and if you want the iOS experience than go with the iPhone XS or the XS Max which has far better camera features as compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Now, the 5th thing is the Software Experience. First of all, it is far more secure and your private data is far more protected as compared to any android phone, infact, Android doesn’t provide that level of security that iOS provides in your smartphone. The RAM management of iOS is so much better and far more optimised. At the conclusion, I would like to say what are you getting – you are getting one of the most powerful chip on a smartphone, one of the best camera performing smartphone, one of the best battery life in a smartphone ever, one of the most secure mobile OS in the world Tell me in the comments whether you also think this is one of the most underrated and one of the most best performing smartphone in the world right now. FInally, I would like to end my review here and hope you enjoyed my blog too. Please comment below if you have any queation regarding this topic. Hope to see you again on my website! Good Day:)

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